August wishlist

Summer is coming to an end, so it’s time for a new wishlist! Granted, there are a few summer pieces on this. But hey, those sunglasses are totally needed!

First of all these red accesoiries. I need some cute strawberry shaped earrings, because I love myself some strawberries! A hairflower, because they can finish off a outfit. A couple of belts would be nice too, since I simply think they can give every outfit that little extra. Some cute rings, like this rose. Maybe even a cat or a pineaple. I bet there are a lot of choices out there on the internet! Sunglasses are pretty needed too, since I only have one pair and it doesn’t always go with all my outfits. This red one just looked really nice and had a retro vibe to it. I hope to find something similair. I also would like a pair of pearl earrings, they look so elegant!

Wishlist Aug skirts
Let’s continue with a few skirts. I really need a black circle-skirt in my collection, because it truly is one of those basic pieces! Then we have this cute brown button-up skirt, which has been on my wishlist for a while. But I never found one that is ‘the one’. It’s just a really difficult colour.. But I just really want some more earthy tones in my closet! The last skirt of this wishlist is a polkadotted one, once again a basic-item. Again I did not encounter ‘the one’ yet.. Hopefully I will soon!
Wishlist Aug Dresses
Now a few brand-dresses! I love these so much~ The first one is a voodoo vixen dress. It’s a bit more summery than I want to admit.. I just like pastels, ok? Next we have two dresses from Hearts & Roses. The red number is also screaming summer, but I just love the colour red… And it can also totally be worn in the autumn! The last Hearts & Roses dress is a bit more autumn-apropiate.. I just love floral designs and especially this cut of dress. Just look how pretty it is!!
Wishlist Aug Dresses #2
More dresses? Yes, more dresses because I can never own enough dresses if you ask me! The first two dresses are from Hell Bunny. I have a weakspot for the oceana dress, because I love the combination of darkblue & white. The red details on this dress just really makes it perfect for me! Then we have the ‘drink me’ dress. I mean it is a Alice in Wonderland themed dress! I obviously need it in my closet.. The white dress with the blue florals is once again from Heart & Roses. I just think this dress would look perfect, I already said I loved floral designs, right?
Aug wishlist Dresses #3
Last we have a few dresses from Lindy Bop. I love pastels, as I stated before. Lindy Bop has enough dresses to have me drooling all over their website. These three are just a little example of that.. I can probably fill a whole wishlist with Lindy Bop dresses if I wanted to do that! Anyway, here we have the Paris Border print, the Paris City print and I believe the bambi pink bycicle print.
I think that is enough for now.. As I can go on and on about all the dresses that I want! Once a month I’ll share a couple of dresses I am craving at that moment with you! Maybe I will even make brand-specific wish lists.. I don’t know yet!

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