Why I dress ‘Vintage’ – A journey

Well, I wouldn’t exactly say I dress vintage… More that my style is vintage inspired. I absolutely love the style and it’s a slight obsession of mine. But why do I dress this way?

A little history
Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? in this case my teenage years. I’ve never been the type to wear ‘normal’ clothing, so to say.. I used to wear more rock-clothing, more the gothic side of fashion. I liked the uniqueness of it. I dressed in that style for a couple of years and felt comfortable and happy.
Then I discovered japanese fashion. I’ve always been a bit girly, so when I discovered gothic lolita it was just perfect for me! Black and girly? Where can I sign up? I bought a petticoat and dresses and started to dress Lolita in my spare time. As time went by I grew out of it. I still love the fashion, but I’m leaning to the more classic side of it. I started to like pastel colours and cuter patterns. Where it came from, well no idea. I just began to like it.
From Gothic Lolita I went to J-fashion. I completely loved the cuter side of it and dressed into brighter colours. I still wore black regulary, but combined it with something cute. I never completely strayed from the rock-clothing though. I always kept a soft spot for it. But I wasn’t the gothic girl I was all those years ago.
This all happened between my 11th life year and between my 20th life year. A person can change so much in just 10 years!

When I was 20 I felt like J-fashion was too childish. I just didn’t felt comfortable in it anymore. I still liked how it looked, I also still liked how gothic & rock clothing looked. But it just wasn’t entirely me anymore. I began looking for something else. Around this time Tumblr came into my life. Through this platform I saw a lot of clothing styles. Now and then I saw adorable dresses from a brand called ‘Hell Bunny’ which I only knew from their gothic dresses and petticoats. Who knew they made these adorable dresses?

And then the fated day came. September 2014, a store opened in my home town. In the window there were mannequins dressed in the most amazing clothing I’ve had ever seen. Pretty knee-length dresses, swing skirts, cute tops. I found myself wandering around town and always looking at this window. I didn’t dare to go inside, it probably was very expensive. Well, it indeed was. December 2014 I went inside and was introduced to the world of vintage reproduction. I made my first friend in this world; the shop owner. Who would know that this shop would change my life for the years to come?

June 2016… I was always very catious about spending any money, especially on clothing this expensive. Why would I spend 40 euros on a dress? Before that day I never even tried on one of the pretty dresses in that shop. But as soon as I pulled on one of those dresses and looked at myself in the mirror.. Well.. I just felt incredibly happy. I would have never guessed that clothes could make a person feel so happy.

A while later, still in 2016, Rockabilly square happened. I was asked to model in the clothing that I had fallen in love with. How could I say no? My hair was done by a stylist, I wore one of the dresses I bought in a sale, my make-up was also done by that same stylist. I felt pretty, I felt cute… I felt incredible! I was so surprised how this style made me feel. I always hated my body, because I had a little bit of a belly, I had hips. I didn’t think it looked pretty in the every day clothes they sold at most clothing stores. It’s a bit difficult to describe, but for the first time in a long while I felt feminine, girly, pretty, sexy.. I had to get more of this clothing!

Two more years went by and I had build up a wardrobe consisting out of reproduction dresses, skirts, tops, blouses.. Everything I would need for a basic wardrobe in this style. I felt comfortable, I felt confident, I felt happy… I wanted to share my love of this style with the world so I started this blog! I still model this clothing once a year and I hope to do it more often. My style had evolved a whole lot since the beginning I started this style. Maybe I will do a Style-Revolution post, starting from the first day I wore this style to now!

I think that by writing this post will also explain why I wear this style. It’s actually very simple to explain: It makes me feel good! That’s what clothing should do, if you ask me. You should feel good when you wear it. Life is too short to wear clothing that you don’t feel comfortable and good in!

8 Replies to “Why I dress ‘Vintage’ – A journey”

  1. this was a very delightful read, I love your discovery to finding your style and it was so sweet to read you found a style you feel suits your body. I would love to see a style evolution!


  2. I absolutely agree – why waste a single second wearing something that doesn’t make you feel fabulous? I loved reading about your journey to vintage. 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed this post, it was so interesting to read about how your style has evolved over time!

    I really like the 1940s-1950s looks, I think they’re so feminine and pretty.

    Nic x

  4. That’s so interesting! I definitely went through the classic lolita and J-fashion stages as well, still love looking at others in the fashion… but I have grown out of wearing it now. I still have a few dresses that I keep just because they’re pretty.
    Your style is so beautiful and it looks really natural on you! Thank you for sharing your fashion journey 😀 <3

    Katie | http://www.katielclark.co.uk

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