Wearing whatever I want

One thing’s for sure: I don’t have a mainstream style at all. I live for vintage and vintage inspired clothing and I love wearing them too! I wear whatever I want and it makes me happy.

Quite often people tell me that they wished that they had the confidence to wear what I wear. To wear a flowery swingdress or a skirt covered in shells. But darling, you have that confidence deep inside of you! When I first discovered this style I didn’t dare to wear it. You can read more about my style journey here.

I want a few things out there first.. I don’t wear swingskirts and swingdresses to work. Kids that are playing around with scissors and glue aren’t really good for expensive dresses, skirts and tops. Ok, maybe they are not thát expensive.. But 35 – 50 euro for a dress is really very expensive for me!

A few days ago I read this post by Juhita, about wearing fashion as an armour. It’s true and I recommend everybody to givee it a read. Clothing can make your day when you feel down and it certainly does for me! Ever since I started wearing what I liked I felt so much better!

So.. Why wearing whatever you want? Well.. this is why!

You only live once.
So why spend it wearing clothes you’re not comfortable in? Wear the style you feel the best in, wear whatever you want honey! You only have one life and you better make the best out of it.

It makes you happy
You don’t need to feel uncomfortable in your own clothes just because other people have a certain vision of what you should wear. If that one outfit makes yoyu happy, wear it!

People will judge anywayy
You really can never win. If people don’t judge you on your clothes, they will find something else. Just let them stare! It’s probably because you look absolutely fabulous ~

Above all: Concentrate on the positive
There is so much negativity in this world. Just concentrate on the positive!

I really wanted to get this out of my system. I always feel a bit sad when people tell me that they wished to have the confidence to wear whatever they want. Deep inside they have that confidence! You have that confidence. You just need to get it out! Wear that dress, those jeans, that outfit. Wear whatever you want! There is nothing wrong with wearing what you want!

6 Replies to “Wearing whatever I want”

  1. I agree with everything you said in your post! For a long time I was just scared to wear how I like because I felt like it’s too much for where I live (I didn’t actually care about what other people think but didn’t want to stand out too much). But now I just do wear what I like, do makeup the way I like and that actually makes me really happy! Great post xx

  2. It’s great that you wrote this post for all the people who want to have the confidence to wear what you wear! Sometimes people just need a little push to go down the direction they want to go and this might be just the thing for a lot of people to start wearing what they want!
    Thanks for sharing!
    kanra khan // the lunar descent

  3. Yes yes and yes! Couldn’t agree more! Also, 9/10 most people are staring because they love your outfit! I love it when I wear a more bold outfit and everyone looks… and you get the little girls walking up asking if you’re a princess! Oh, I wish! ?‍♀️?
    Most people would love to wear whatever clothes they want… that are a little less mainstream! It’s just a case of finding the confidence to go for it!

  4. ‘People will judge anyway’. That is so true!! I sometimes can worry too much about what other people think but you’re so right, they’re going to find something to comment on if that’s what they want to do! What a great post!

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