I graduated!

It’s with a very proud and happy feeling that I get to say it: I graduated! Yay! I am so happy about this that I keep telling everybody that I got my degree. So why not use my blog to once again scream it from the rooftops? I graduated!!!

There were plenty of pictures taken at my graduation! It was a simple one. They had us all sitting on a stage, called us out in two’s or three’s. Then had a little story (Mine was about how I still got my degree even while being chronicaly ill and having a lot of health issues. It made me feel so proud!) and then we walked up, shook hands, got our degree, signed it and off we were again.

Both my parents were there and my best friends were there too! The last picture is my favorite. My boyfriend (who took the pictures) managed to snap a shot when my dad hugged me. I really feel very proud on my accomplishment.

Now it’s the start of a new chapter in my life. I’m done with school and will go on to work. I already have a job for three days in the week. For now that is plenty. For the coming week I’ll be enjoying some off time and have a little bit of a vacation!

I graduated.. I really still can’t believe it. After years of struggling and missing school I actually managed to get it done! I hope my story gets to inspire lots of other young and sick people. Even when your sick, even when life seems to be against you.. You can accomplish something if you keep going and keep trying!

I graduated and I can’t feel more proud!

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