I graduated a year ago!

Has it been a year already? Yes it has! A year ago I finally graduated from school and started working. Now I have my dream job.. But it’s a good moment to look back at my graduation.

First of all.. The dress and the outfit! I remember spending an entire night and day in rollers to achieve this curled look. My hair doesn’t curl easily at all, so achieving this was wel.. an achievement!

I really spend a long time on my make-up too. I actually spend a whole lot of time on the complete look! From dress shopping to the accesoires to the make-up. I just wanted everything to be perfect!

Let’s just say these hat-thingies didn’t go well with my outfit at all! But I still wanted to get a picture with it, haha! So my boyfriend snapped this one while at the ceremony.

Here I am actually signing my diploma! My boyfriend really got the perfect picture of this moment! I love it soooo much!

Proud me holding my diploma! Just look at that smile! I remember feeling so incredibly proud at this achievement.

Up int he air the hats go!! I really love this picture, because I look so happy. ANd it was perfectly timed too! Another thing I really liked was that most of my classmates were dressed in black. I was pretty much the only one wearing bright colours.

Proud me once again! I just really love how happy I look in all these pictures.

My dad was ther too.. To me that was very special, because he almost couldn’t make it! This is a picture of my dad giving me a hug after the ceremony.

That was it, really.. I went to the school cafetaria, we had a ceremony there. The teacher told something about all of us, then we were called, received our diploma, received some love and attention before throwing the hat-thingies into the air. After that you were free to go. Nothing really too fance.. But still a very special moment for me!

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