Winter Flowers

We had one of those rare sunny days again. On which my boyfriend & me grabbed our camera, rushed outside and made some outfit pictures! Perfect for showing off my new dress!img_5959 img_5962img_5966 img_5963 img_5976img_5968 img_5969 img_5982img_5960

Dress – Dolly & Dotty | Cardigan – Esprit | Hairband – Primark | Shoes – Primark

Lets talk about this perfect flower dress for a moment. Usually flower dresses are pastel-coloured or have a lot of red in them. I love those kind of dresses. But when my favorite retro-inspired shop had this little gem in stock I fell in love with it. Normally I would never pair these blues & browns together. But in this dress? It’s just a perfect match! I toned it down a little with a white cardigan, but wow it’s so pretty!

The weather here in the Netherlands is still being a tad weird and is entirely too unpredictable. I dress vintage every weekend (I am not going to wear my vintage dresses to work, I work with kids, scissors, a lot of glue and a lot of creativity.. I really don’t want to ruin my dress!) but the sun hasn’t been that kind for pictures lately. Either it hides behind clouds or it’s just raining. We did have snow once, but I had to work that day and didn’t get the chance for pictures. One day I’ll get my pretty snow pictures in a bright red vintage dress so it’ll pop sooo beautifully.

Slowly but surely summer is creeping in, though. Or at least spring is showing it’s pretty little head. This day was really warm & comfortable. The temperature was a little bit on the colder side but other than that it was just perfect! Not that weather will stop me from wearing skirts and dresses, though..

By the way; I cut my hair shorter! I have to admit that I was not taking great care of my hair and it really showed. At one point it was tangled so badly that the knots simply didn’t get out anymore. One trip to the barber later and it looked healthy again! Yay! What do you think of this shorter – but still familiar with the bangs- haircut? And what do you think of this dress?

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  1. Your dress is beautiful and so ready for Spring! I can’t wait to wear dresses so much this season! Your blog is the nicest, you have the best fashion style x

  2. This outfit is absolutely adorable!! I love how the sun goes so well with the flower pattern, and you look amazing xx

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