Wild Child

I had my eye on this skirt for months already. It’s just so lovely! The black skirt and the vibrant colors are just absolutely perfect. So I was very happy when I finally managed to get my hand on this beauty!

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Skirt – Hell Bunny | Top – Dolly & Dotty | Shoes – Primark | Hair Accesoires: Birthday Present

Just look at how adorable the print on this skirt is; We have bunnies, a fox, flowers… And it isn’t crowded, which is really a plus for me! The colors are so vibrant and lovely and the whole thing just really works well together. When I first got this skirt I wanted to combine it with a bright colour, but I decided to go with black. I love how it came out with this Dolly & Dotty top!

Let’s get a little personal here; With christmas I gained some weight, so I was really nervous about wearing a tight top like this. In the end I thought; So what? A girl can have some meat on her bones. It’s all about feeling comfortable in your own skin, right? So I totally went ‘f*ck it’ and just wore the tight top. And I absolutely felt amazing! I have a size Small in tops and a Medium in skirts. There is nothing wrong with that, no matter how much people tell you that you need to lose weight. Ehm, excuse you? I can decide for myself if I need to lose weight or not. I feel great in my skin right now and I wish this for everybody else.

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  1. I love the shoulder-free top, and now I want to try wearing one!
    The skirt is beautiful and at first, I thought it was a floral print only. The foxes and deer blend in perfectly but give it that whimsical fairy tale touch!

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