Roses and birds

This skirt is just so pretty! With it’s pretty pink roses, blue birds and darling pastel mint colour. I had a hard time combiningĀ it, though. In the end I wore it with my white knotted blouse! This blouse goes with pretty much everything!

dsc06872jpg dsc06880jpg dsc06894jpg dsc06897jpg dsc06917jpg dsc06936jpg dsc06945jpg

Top: H&M | Skirt: Hell Bunny | Shoes: Graceland | Hairflower: Primark | Bag: Stijlvol

This outfit was so comfortable to walk around in! I wore it on a shopping trip, with a pair of tights for when it got too cold. These white T-straps are my newest addition to my shoe collection, by the way. I just am so in love with them, because I didn’t had white pumps yet that were comfortable to walk around in. Thanks to the thick heel of these T-straps, they were sooo comfortable and easy to walk in! You see.. I’m very clumsy and trip over air, so to say.. Thinner heels are not always a good idea for me. Which doesn’t mind I don’t own them.. It just means I wear them on special occasions.. Or when they just go really well with my outfit.. Ehm.. Okay.. I admit, I wear them when I like to, but they certainly aren’t handy to go shopping in! So yeah… I really did need these shoes…

Then we have this skirt, which I absolutely love! I adore pastels, especially pink and mint green! This skirt had both of them, so obviously I needed this skirt. But I soon had a little problem.. What to wear on top of it? A solid pink top didn’t really do it justice.. So I went for this white blouse that goes with anything! I was pretty satisfied with the result~

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