Pink heart

Slowly but surely the summer has gone away and made place for autumn. The days are getting shorter and it’s getting colder too. That means I will be busting out the sweaters and cardigans! 


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Sweater: H&M | Skirt: Primark | Belt: Thrifted | Hairflower: Primark | Bag: C&A | Shoes: Graceland

It’s a bit of a weird situation with the weather right now. In the mornings it’s very cold but as soon as you arive in the afternoons I regret putting on a thick long sleeved sweater because it’s too warm. This sweater is the perfect in between sweater! Maybe a bit cold in the mornings, but that’s easily fixed with a vest.

As I look outside I see the leafs slowly changing colours and I actually notice that in my wardrobe too. This probably is one of te last times I’m wearing a pastel colour untill it’s spring again. I tend to have certain colour palettes through the seasons, especially in my outfits. But I just wanted to wear this sweater at least a few times this year. Since it’s too warm for the summer and too cold for the winter. Maybe I’ll give it another go in the spring, because it’s such a cute spring sweater!

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