Pastel flowers

I am soooo enjoying spring right now! The sun on my skin, pretty pastel colours, good shooting weather! How I love these warmer days. Nothing against the winter, though. But it’s been winter for so long that I was craving the spring!

Top – Vintage | Skirt – Vintage | Flower – Local | Shoes – Graceland

How cute is this skirt? How cute is this top? I was so lucky with these finds at the vintage market a while back! Gems like these are the entire reason why I lovee going to these markets. You never know what you stumble upon! The skirt is a real 60s skirt that reaches the knee, which is the perfect length for me! The top is a little bit big, but I can make it work easily by tucking it in! It looks perfect with this skirt, just as I imagined!

The weather is really nice lately. The temperatures made a sudden switch from below ten to above ten almost every day! So I can finally bust out my skirts and tops in cute pastel colours. My body feels a lot better as well. Some of you might not know this: I’m chronically ill. I have about 9 chronicall issues that I deal with. One of them is Fibromyalgia, which causes a lot of musscle pain. The warmer weather makes it so much easier to deal with! That’s absolutely worth mentioning.

I hope this warm weather continues, so that I can rock my spring skirts and tops!

12 Replies to “Pastel flowers”

  1. What a lovely skirt 😀 Im having osteoarthritis so i know what you mean with hurting in the cold. I live in Sweden tho so we have it very cold here for a very long time xD

    But so far i have still here 😀

  2. I love that skirt! And agreed, it hits at such a perfect length… what a find!
    Hope you can now relax and enjoy the summery weather. I have spinal problems and totally understand the affects of the weather!

  3. Your pictures are always so pretty – come take some for me because my phone camera is getting exhausting! You look so cute – love the new profile picture on Twitter. I’m so excited that spring is finally here and your happiness shines through! Absolutely love this adorable outfit.

    CiCi | Navigation To Happiness

  4. Absolutely gorgeous look! The flower in your hair is such a nice touch! Love it. Your new lay-out is really good too. I’m really feeling the summer on your blog right now!

  5. I love the outfit you have on and it’s so cool that you found it in a vintage store. I have never shopped at vintage markets and I’m definitely putting that in my bucket list.

  6. You look so vibrant and glowing!
    I’ve been binge-watching Mad Men for a couple months now and am SO into the whole vintage 50s/60s looks the women on that show wear. I’d love to get my hands on that skirt! Also, the flowers in your hair are adorable!

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