Pale Pink

A while ago I found this skirt in a vintage sale and fell in love with it at first sight. I thought it would be way too small for me but after trying it on I couldn’t believe it! It fit! Yes! Obviously I bought it immediately.

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Top – H&M | Hairflower: DIY | Skirt: Vintage | Shoes: Primark

This pale pink skirt is absolute perfection! I don’t own a lot of pleaded skirts, as I find them more difficult to combine with tops, but this skirt just screamed my name! I combined it with my holy white knotted blouse, which (I repeat) can go on pretty much anything! I swear like 80% of my closet can be combined with this top, it’s just perfect.

A little extra is that I tried to curl my hair with foam rollers for the first time! I’ll be posting my opinion on this blog somewhere soon. But first I want to try them out a few more times. I’m not the best curl-maker of the world (honestly said, I fail at it a whole lot) so I want to give them a few more chances so I can give a good review of them on my blog. I do love my curls here, as they are very soft! It’s still a miracle I got any curls, as my hair is véry straight and thin and curls just stay in it for about… 1 hour max? If I curl it with an iron, that is. But these curls stayed in for about  6-12 hours, which is seriously an achievement for me!

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