My Graduation Outfit

As promised, my graduation outfit! I heard that I got to graduate on really short notice, so I had to get a dress quite quickly. Luckily my favorite local vintage-inspired store had this beauty in stock! I went there, tried it on, fell in love and took it home!

Dress – Dolly & Dotty / Belt – New Yorker / Bag – Primark / Shoes – Primark / Hairflower – Local

I can’t believe I actually graduated! I worked hard for my degree so I am very proud on it! A post about my graduation will be coming soon, as I am still waiting for all the pictures to come in. At least I already get to show you my really fabulous outfit!

Just one thing.. These shoes were very difficult to walk in! Probably the highest heels that I own. But it was totally worth it! I shined while getting my degree and that’s the most important thing! I went as 100% me, in a vintage-inspired dress, petticoat and a bright smile on my face!

Also my hair was really difficult to curl. I rolled in some foam rollers to get even the slightest curl and even then I believe I used a whole can of hairspray. The curse of having véry straight hair continues! Anyway, I loved my outfit! I hope you do too!

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  1. You look super cute!! I really love the outfit and I’m glad you got to express yourself 100% on a day like your graduation. I look forward to reading your graduation post xx

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