Miss Cherry Pie

Of course I have a cherry dress! Why do you ask? This lovely number has been hanging in my closet for way too long! I love the bright red against the blue!

Dress – Hellbunny | Shoes – Graceland

This outfit, for me, was a case of ‘less is more’. I tried adding a bracelet, some hair flowers, a necklace.. But it somehow felt crowded. So I went for a nice bright red nail polish, my current red lipstick (still trying to find the perfect red lip!) and then I surprised myself by actually managing to put victory rolls in my hair! Do you have any idea how difficult those things are? Anyway, I succeeded, basically sprayed a whole can of hairspray in there and then convinced my boyfriend that ‘yes, we really do need to take these pictures right now’. I couldn’t risk the rolls falling out, right?

This also is one of the shorter dresses I own. It’s still a 50 reproduction dress, but somehow I prefer dresses that reach my knee or even go over it. This cherry dress was too cute to pass on, though! It’s still long enough to be decent, which is a really important thing for me.

We were lucky with the weather, because it was absolutely lovely! We also found this spot at the lake nearby and it just screamed ‘take pictures here!’. So we listened and took our pictures there. After that we wend for a little walk through the park. I discovered another spot that I might want to take pictures at soon. They have a spot filled with deers! They are adorable! They just have this beyond ugly fence surrounding them… So I might just take a picture for instagram or my diary there..

Talking about Instagram… I am thinking about making a second account.. Just a personal account that goes beyond blogging. You know what I mean? Where you guys can actually follow my daily life. Would you be interested in that? Please let me know in the comments below!

7 Replies to “Miss Cherry Pie”

  1. Ahh that’s a lovely dress <3 and a beautiful location to take photos at as well!
    I tried a second account once, but really struggled to keep them both up… if you think you can take them both on then go for it! <3 I'd love to see more daily content!

    Katie | http://www.katielclark.co.uk

  2. This is such a lovely dress, and you were so right to keep it simple with the accessories! And I have a separate Instagram account for my personal life & for my blog, I really like it that way because I feel like I’ve got more scope to post what I like 🙂 Hope you get on well with it!

    Kirsty x

  3. I’ve got a soft spot for dresses like this and seeing your posts about your style of fashion makes me happy for some reason!
    You should definitely make a second instagram account if you want! I have three <_< one is for my blog, one is for my studying and one is a super private one. Needless to say, all three don't get updated very often xD
    kanra khan // the lunar descent

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