Miss BlackWatch

My favorite Tartan is absolutely Tartan! So when I saw this hellbunny dress I went like ‘I totally need this in my closet’ and bought it without a second thought! Just look at it! It’s so perfect!


img_5193 img_5201 img_5217

Dress: HellBunny / Vest: Esprit / Shoes: Primark

I can’t get enough of this dress. I think I’ve already wore it like three times and it’s so comfy and pretty. It might be my favorite dress right now! I absolutely love this colour combination and I absolutely love myself some tartan! Especially BlackWatch tartan. Absolutely my favorite dress, there is no ‘maybe’ about it!

It’s another photoshoot with slight autumn vibes, thanks to the million leaves on the ground. It’s still very difficult to make pictures in the Netherlands right now, because the weather is all over te place. The day I took these pictures it was very foggy. Can you see I’m in front of a freaking lake in these pictures? And that on the other side of this lake is a row of houses? I sure couldn’t! But I do think the fog gave some amazing pictures!

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