Milk Maid

I tried something new with my hair; MilkMaid Braids! They have been all over youtube lately and I thought they looked adorable and classy at the same time! So I decided to try them out. It turned out they matched perfectly with my new Hell Bunny Dress!

dsc09339jpg dsc09350jpg

dsc09384jpgdsc09353jpg dsc09375jpg dsc09380jpg

Dress: Hell Bunny | Shoes: Primark | Earrings: Primark | Necklace: Present

The necklace that I am wearing in these pictures was a present that I got from my boyfriend. I absolutely love it! It’s a celtic love knot in the shape of a heart. Isn’t that adorable?

About the dress.. It has a nice story behind it. Sometimes I go to these clothing swaps because you can get rid of clothes you don’t want anymore and gain new ones. A friend of mine decided to host one of these swaps and obviously I had to go. She used to wear these kind of dresses as well and litteraly told me she had a dress that would look really nice on me! So when I came there, she had two dresses laid aside because she said it was soooo my style. She was absolute right, because I love it! This is one of those dresses! It’s the perfect shade of blue ~

Truth be told, it’s getting too cold to wear these dresses without a cardigan. So this’ll probably be the last picture you’ll see of me without a cardigan. Hello Autumn!

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