Love Me Tender

Obviously I listen to my fair share of songs from the 50s, which kinda made this blog title happen! For the great weather I decided to pull out my beloved pink skirt again!

Top – H&M | Skirt – Vintage | Shoes – Graceland | Earrings – Local | Hairflower – Birthday present

This is the first time I am featuring a piece of clothing for the second time on this blog! The other outfit you can find here, it also featured a white top! I seriously almost always feature this skirt with a white top, somehow. In this case this peasant off the shoulder long sleeve. One thing is for sure: The quality of my pictures really improved! It’s quite weird to see them side by side, wow!

Anyway, this day I went out with my boyfriend again. Did you know C (my boyfriend) practically takes all my pictures? I simply drag him out of the house the moment it doesn’t rain anymore (and I am wearing an outfit that I didn’t show on the blog yet) together with the camera and we find a nice spot. I’m very picky about my spots, though. It has to be a bit green or cute and be a good match for my outfit. I’m sure that I am not the only one. I also caught myself thinking ‘my skirt would look great against this background!’. A thought I would probably never have if I neveer started this blog…

Back to the song! I’ve been listening to Love Me Tender on repeat lately. I don’t really know why.. So when I was looking for a blog title I just thought ‘why not?’. Is it weird to use songs as blog titles?

16 Replies to “Love Me Tender”

  1. No kidding, I have the exact same white top! It’s part of my summer wardrobe but I haven’t become confident enough to wear it outside the house yet. Very cute idea pairing it with a long skirt!

  2. This is such a cute outfit! Very 50’s 🙂 I also love your top, I can’t believe it’s from H&M, it looks way more expensive than that!

    Kirsty x

  3. I’m in love with this skirt oh my goodness and the top is gorgeous I can’t believe it was from H&M ! Crazy good style !

  4. Love Me Tender always makes me so sad… Elvis is general is awesome though.
    If I had a skirt like that, I’d be twirling all day. Also, you’re so lucky to have a boyfriend who takes your blog pictures for you! Mine has offered to do it, but he doesn’t know how my camera works and I don’t think he’d deliver the same quality as your boyfriend!

    x Envy

  5. That peasant top goes so prettily with the skirt. I’m not very picky with my photo shoot locations but I think I should be. Your pictures always look so pretty.

  6. Very cute! I love a good pleated skirt, and this shade of pink is really pretty. This off the shoulder top goes really nicely with it. Nothing wrong with reworking a piece you’ve featured before – that’s what real style is all about!

  7. Such a cute outfit! I think I may own the same or a very similar H&M top! A white off shoulder top can go with everything. =) Isn’t it amazing how great a blog can be for showing you how far you’ve come? I love that you can see the evolution of your photography – I definitely do the same thing and love looking back to see how much changes over time as we learn. Love the restyled look!


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