Little Pastel Blue

Oh gosh.. I can’t even remember where I bought this dress, but it’s really cute! The side-zipper is the freaking devil, though… I can’t get it all the way up on my own. But I forgive it, because it’s so cute!

dsc07854jpg dsc07870jpgdsc07861jpg dsc07892jpg


Dress: Run & Fly | Shoes: Primark |Hairflower: DIY

This little dress from Run & Fly reminds me of the dresses that younger kids wore in the good-old-days. But I have it for ages, so long that I can’t even remember which shop I got it from. So the name mainly comes from the tag!

The day I wore this outfit we went to a little castle close to my boyfriends home. We made some cute pictures, that I want to put on my blog somewhere very soon! My boyfriend is practicing his photography skills and right now I’m his ‘favorite subject’ so to call. AKA I have to sit still and smile a lot, not that I mind. I actually really like modelling! So stay tuned for those pictures ~

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