Lady in Red

Right now, I’m absolutely all about the dresses and sunglasses! Basically wearing them almost everyday, because summer is here! Oh yeah!dsc00039jpg dsc00047jpg dsc00052jpg dsc00055jpg dsc00058jpg dsc00079jpg

Dress: HellBunny | Shoes: Primark | Sunglasses: Primark

Hellooooo summer! I sure hope you’re here to stay, because this girl is finally free from school and wants to have some fun! Summer vacation has started, which means a whole lot of free time! Right now, this red dress from HellBunny is my favorite to wear, because it has pockets! Freaking. Pockets! Yessss! A dress immediately gets 1000 times better when it has pockets! Also the details on this dress are amazing. Just look at those little bows! So cute ~

So, what are your plans for this summer? I’m planning to go to the beach, eat lots of icecream, hang around with my friends, just having a fun summer! I hope you all have a very nice summer and don’t get sunburned.

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