Into the woods…

This weather is just screaming for cute dresses and walks in the woods! The sun is still shining down on us and I am absolutely loving it! This Collectif Arabella dress is just perfect for this weather.

Dress – Collectif | Shoes – Graceland | Sunglasses – Montini

My boyfriend and me decided to take a little walk in the woods, because he lives close by. We try to do that often, because walking is good for us! Especially with this warmer weather is just delightful to take a little stroll.

The fabric of this dress is a bit warm, actually. It’s a thick fabric that’s perfect for spring, when the weather is getting warmer and warmer and we come closer to the summer! Sadly enough, not a dress I can wear in summer. But it’s perfect for right now! I am glad I still got to wear it, because it’s so soft to the touch, it swooshes beautifully as I walk and it looks stunning! Especially the sleevees are very unique and absolutely adorable!

What do you like to do when the weather is nice?

8 Replies to “Into the woods…”

  1. Wow that is such a beautiful dress! And great for this awkward transition season into summer, on the days when it’s not quite warm enough for a summery dress. The arms look beautiful!
    When the weather is nice, I love just sitting out with my dog and chilling out with a good book! It’s nice to take a chance to get away from the computer screen once in a while! Have a lovely day!

    Katie |

  2. Oh your dress is stunning! It’s so cool you’re able to go into the woods for a walk – it’s not come for me to do that in London haha xx

  3. Such a cute look! I really like the shape and colors of the dress, and it’s perfect for a nice walk in the woods. I’m sure it’s lovely for fall as well.

  4. I looove your outfit, you look so gorgeous that I actually have no words! Actually, I have a dress with similar pattern and colors and I should wear it more often, I think haha
    Great post!

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