Hello Spring

Finally, the time has arrived! The sun is shining, the temperature is rising and I’m changing my thick tights for thinner ones! Hello spring, I missed you! Obviously this asked for an outfit!

Top – Vintage | Skirt – HellBunny | Shoes – Graceland | Earrings: Stijlvol Fashion

I really did miss the warmer weather, so when the first warm day had come around I didn’t know how fast I had to get dressed in something with short sleeves. I had been waiting for this the whole time! It’s not that I dislike the cold weather, but at one point you want it to change. I had hit that point and was soooo done with the cold weather!

Now about the outfit. The skirt is from Hellbunny. Truth be told it’s a bit on the snug side, but one size bigger and it’s too big. I’m in between sizes and that really is difficult at times. The blouse is real vintage. I found it at a vintage market a while back. It’s sooo adorable and really easy to coordinate into an outfit! I think it can become my favorite item to wear this spring!

What was your very first spring outfit? I’m curious!

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