Good Golly

At the moment this white knotted up blouse is my absolute favorite. It’s just so easy to coördinate with all the pieces that I own! So you’ll probably see a whole loto of it! So naturally I wore it with this darling brown skirt, which is real vintage!

Top – H&M | Skirt – Vintage | Shoes – Graceland | Hair Flower – Local

We have these vintage markets here in the Netherlands where you can buy real vintage in a bunch for really cheap! Naturally, I like to go to these places because they are a great way to stock up on my real vintage clothing! In one of my latest hauls I found this darling brown skirt! It has a really light fabric, which makes it perfect for this kind of warm weather! Yay for golden finds like that!

Talking about the weather, it is really lovely! The sun just keeps shining and it barely hits below 25 degrees. I might do a beach shoot soon. I’m not the thinnest person out there and last week a guy called me fat & ugly, but I don’t want this guy to bring me down. So I am totally going to do that beach shoot! Self empowerment and all that! Woohoo!

This lovely little staircase is in my birth town, where I was born and raised. I still visit quite often and remember that it has these cute little spots. I convinced my boyfriend to go along to them and see if they were suitable to take some pictures. I thought this staircase coloured really well with my brown skirt! What do you think?

I hope you’re enjoying summer just as much as I am! Have an amazing summer, my darling!

9 Replies to “Good Golly”

  1. This skirt looks so cute! It’s got that vintage farm look (probably because of the plaid? and the buttons?) and it goes so well with the top and shoes.
    It’s amazing that you can go out and buy cheap vintage clothes! If I ever go to Netherlands, looking for these types of shops would definitely be on my list.

  2. That skirt is beautiful! And definitely is “proper” vintage! <3 It looks lovely! And the location choice was spot on, it matches your outfit so perfectly. It's interesting how much difference a location makes to an outfit shot!

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