Classic red and black

Sometimes I just don’t know what to wear and then I’ll always go back to the classic black and red combo. This skirt is one of my favorites, because with a different top the outfit changes completely!

dsc07362jpg dsc07376jpg dsc07381jpg

dsc07341jpg dsc07434jpg dsc07473jpgdsc07366jpg dsc07478jpg

Top: HellBunny | Skirt: Hell Bunny | Shoes: Graceland | Bag: Local | Hairflower: Local

For my grandmothers birthday I decided to curl in my hair, but I just didn’t know what to wear. As I just said when I don’t know what to wear I’ll almost always go back to the classic black & red combination! It’s always a hit, because the two colours look good together and will look good on pretty much everybody. But I wanted a twist.. So I decided to wear my new HellBunny top, which is wáy too cute! I styled it off with a hairflower, my graceland t-straps and my darling shoulder bag. Bam! Outfit done!

My grandmothers birthday was fun! She didn’t celebrate it the same day, but we couldn’t go on the weekend so we went on her actual birthday. My mom was there and my little sister. We talked, had cake and coffee, it was just simply fun. I had a good time! Also, this was the second time I used foam hair rollers in my hair. This time I went with a different way of rolling them in. Now I had more curls! It didn’t last as long as the lower curls, but I’ll experiment a bit further!

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