Apple red

This dress has been in my closet for a long while and I wear it quite often. It’s such a nice fabric, soft & flowy. So obviously a outfit post with this dress couldn’t miss on my blog!

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Dress: Hell Bunny | Hairflower: Stijlvol | Shoes: Graceland | Bag: Vintage

Recently I bought this darling hairflower at a local store in Dordrecht called “Stijlvol”. A store filled with retro-inspired clothing, which obviously made me very happy! I come there very often and since I like trying on my dresses before I buy them (I am 1.71 and some dresses are too short on me) I buy most of my dresses at that store. When it began selling hairflowers, other accesoires and even home decoration I was way too happy about it and immediately bought two hairflowers. One of those was this red one, isn’t it adorable? I think it goes really well with this dress as it makes the red colour of the apples pop even more!

I went to the city with my boyfriend the day that I wore this dress. I really do love it, because it’s perfect for summer. It’s made out of a very light fabric and it flows around just perfectly! I paired it with my t-straps, because at the moment those are my favorite shoes to wear! And since it’s summer I just like it better to wear lighter colours. I finished the outfit with my vintage retro handbag, which I got from my boyfriends grandparents. It was just the perfect shade of red!

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