Hello Autumn!

It’s been a while since I posted anything on here! The weather hasn’t been too great for pictures either. But it finally cleared up and we’ve managed to get these lovely pictures!img_5087 img_5091 img_5112 img_5160 img_5166Dress: Dolly & Dotty / Vest: Esprit / Bag: C&A / Earrings: Primark

So it’s been a while since I uploaded anything on here, but that’s mostly because of the weather. Next to that I also wanted to improve the quality of the pictures on my blog. So I decided to only make pictures with my DSLR from now on! What do you think of these pictures?

I have this polkadot dress for almost a year now and it’s really one of my favorites. Dolly & Dotty really has some amazing dresses and they’re all very lovely! They are comfortable and form fitting on all the right places. Besides that; there is never something wrong with a polkadot dress, right? I own two polkadot dresses; this black one and a red one. But this one is wáy easier to coordinate. Like with this vest; it just looks very lovely!

As you can see by the amount of leaves on the ground; autumn is in full blast! Which means a lot of cardigans, comfortable tights and having a difficult time with my wardrobe because it excists for 99% out of summer dresses. I have like three skirts or something. Lately I’ve been buying sweaters in all kinds of colours to make up for it, so I can wear my skirts this winter. It’s getting colder and colder, I really need to stock up on warmer clothes. Anybody with the same problem?

Now that the weather is completely against me it’s difficult to be taking these pictures. But I still hope to upload more often!

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  1. Lovely photos – I hope that you manage to upload lots during the winter when it is sunny.

    It is colder here in the UK now and I am wearing my warmer winter clothes already – I tend to wear trousers more when it is cold – do you wear trousers?

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