1st day of christmas

First of all: Merry Christmas to all of you! I know I am a day late, but this is literally the outfit that I wore on the first day of christmas! I love this velvet green dress from Dolly & Dotty. It was warm and comfortable! 

img_5454 img_5469 img_5476 img_5492 img_5494

Dress:  Dolly & Dotty  / Bag: Primark / Shoes: Primark / Hairflower: Local

I hope everybody had an amazing Christmas! I sure had, it was so much fun! This is what I wore the 1st day of christmas (here in The Netherlands we have two christmas days). I absolutely adore this little velvet dress which just screamed Christmas to me. I had to pair it with a festive red flower in my hair and my favorite red lipstick! I also really like how my hair turned out, I usually don’t wear it in an updo.

On the 1st day of Christmas we went to my boyfriends family and just ate a whole lot. Which was basically what we did the entire day. Eat a lot of food.. So what did you do on the 1st day of christmas?

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  1. Who doesn’t eat a whole lot at Christmas?! That’s the most amazing part of the season, well… and spending time with family. But, aren’t those stuffing balls just the best!
    — Great post as always Darling, I love the green dress. It compliments the bag so well. xoxo

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