The Heritage Lidia

Glasses.. I never really wore them because I couldn’t find a pair that was to my liking. But one day I stumbled on The Heritage Lidia and I fell in love with the design!

Until now it has been contact lenses for this girl! Never had I dared to think about finding a pair of glasses that were to my liking. Most of the designs nowadays are too ‘modern’ looking for my liking, if you get my drift.. They didn’t fit my style.. Maybe I am a bit nitpicky, but hey that’s just me. I’m really picky about a lot of things!

This pair of glasses gave me a vintage flair, even when I didn’t do my hair or couldn’t wear a skirt because of work. They make me feel sure of myself, even in jeans! Can you imagine that? How one little thing can just change the whole look of an outfit. In this picture, for example. They give a more vintage flair, even if I am just wearing a knotted blouse!

I walked into the store, because my mom needed new glasses. It didn’t take long before I found a new section called ‘vintage inspired’. I don’t have to tell you guys where this girl spend about half an hour trying on glasses while my mom got her eyes tested. In the end I encountered the lovely Lidia.

The butterfly design, as it is appearantly called (I didn’t know that!) fitted my face really well! I always had this square design and never left it. Mostly because I knew it didn’t make my face look horrible and I wasn’t into glasses anyway. This new pair I’ve gotten totally changed that, obviously!

Normally glasses look horrible with my straight bangs. But just look at how lovely this pair is! I am probably going to say another hundred times that this pair is so lovely, because that is how happy I am with them! They are incredibly comfortable too. Miss Lidia (I am totally going to call her that!) has a lovely black colour, with those pins on the side that all the glasses in the 50s had.

I am just really happy that I have encountered this pair of glasses. So happy that I decided to give my glasses their own photoshoot and dedicate a whole freaking post to them! The things that bloggers do.. What do you think about my new glasses?

12 Replies to “The Heritage Lidia”

  1. You pulled these off so well! Most glasses don’t look good on me. In fact, I’ve stopped wearing my glasses entirely! I don’t need them at all! The glasses pairs I did have were all the rectangular clear glass types. Butterfly lens look really good on you though!
    kanra khan // the lunar descent

  2. They look great! Such a unique design, somehow both vintage and really sleek!
    It’s so hard for me to choose glasses, no matter if for myself or someone else, because I usually just don’t see which ones fit a face shape or which ones look good in general – but seeing your pictures makes me realize it IS possible to tell! 😀 Love the name of the shape, Butterfly, too~

  3. Those glasses look great on you! I’ve just had to start wearing them myself, so I know how good a feeling it is when you find a pair you like! I know it’s a bit specific, but if you’ve got any style or lifestyle tips for new glasses-wearers I’d love to read! 🙂

  4. I have always been a glasses girl because my number is too small to actually wear contact lenses. But I struggled through school and college wearing glasses I hated. I finally found one that looks good on me when I was going to start my Masters and I have stuck to that ever since. So I totally get how you feel about a pair of glasses that really work for you.

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