A lot of Vintage Brooches

A year ago I began collecting Vintage Brooches. My collection didn’t go that fast because it wasn’t easy to find vintage brooches which I liked and also went with the vintage inspired style I wore. Some were too old, others too new. I am very picky about my brooches. But I found this darling etsy shop which had sooo many adorable brooches!

Confession time: I might have bought 45 brooches from this Etsy store. I must say that I know the owner and that she is a darling. So she let me snoop through the brooches he had on sale and I just couldn’t help myself. But just look at all these pretty ones! I just sat there for an entire hour going through all the brooches she had and just picking the ones I liked. I somehow ended up with 45 brooches. I have no idea how that happened, haha! I love everyone of them and can’t wait untill I get to wear them! I’ll give you a little look at all the brooches that I bought!

I just couldn’t help myself! Just look at these vibrant flowers, or those adorable ladies, the golden victorian maiden or the golden ballerina. It was really difficult to make a choice. Originally I had ended up with many more of these lovely brooches but really had to narrow down my picks. I couldn’t justify it for my wallet, to tell the truth. But I certainly won’t regret buying all of these! I just think that a cute brooch can finish off a outfit just perfectly! Which of the brooches I bought is your favorite? I can’t choose one, so I would like to know yours!

Be sure to check out Sprite Jewelry on Etsy! She has many more vintage brooches, but also a small collection of vintage jewelry and much more!

Do you wear brooches?

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  1. I have quite a big collection of brooches but I always struggle to wear them! Either I forget to add one, or I worry about losing it as a few were my Nana’s. Either way I love to get them out and look at them as they hold special memories. I’d love to see how you wear some of yours!

    1. I love brooches! 🙂 I can totally understand that you worry about losing them because they were your Nana’s. Bet that makes them even more special!

  2. I’m not really a brooch person but think they can look gorgeous on others! These are all so pretty and I can see why you ended up with so many! x

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