Christmas gift ideas for vintage & retro lovers

If you’re like me than you’ve been asked ‘what do you want for christmas?’ like a billion times already. Or in my case, my birthday is also coming up so that question has been asked a million times as well. I decided to make a blogpost about it!


xmas 2017 Giftguide 1

Let’s start with the dresses. Because let’s be real a dress is always a welcome dress for vintage & retro lovers. A few examples of brands that are always good are Dolly & Dotty, HellBunny, Voodoo Vixen & Collectif. Those are my favorites at the very least. Other nice brands are Lady V, Hearts & Roses and Lindy Bop. Just figure out what they like, what their style is. For example you can go for swing dresses or maybe pencil dresses. Personally I’m a swing dress kind of girl!


xmas giftguide #3


Another great item to gift is a midi skirt. You can either get them from the brands I mentioned before (Collectif, hellbunny..) but lately a whole lot of ‘mainstream’ stores also sell these little beauties. The primark, the H&M, Zara, etc.. They are becoming quite populair and easier to come by! Well, you don’t hear me explaining! Of course, these are also available in the pencil variation as well. I’m just a sucker for flared dresses and skirts.

xmas giftguide #2


If you’re on a smaller budget and can’t pay for a clothing item then there are always other options! You can’t have a great outfit without accessoires, right? Hair flowers are always a good idea for retro & vintage lovers. I usually wear some flowers in my hair in almost all of my outfits. Pealrs (fake ones, probably!) are always a great choice as well. A necklace or a pair of earrings. If they don’t have a pair of pearl earrings or a pearl necklace yet then this is perfect! Another great accessoire to get is a broche. If you have a plain outfi these darlings can make them just a bit more special!

I hope this gift guide helps you a bit! Because this is what I would like to get for christmas (or my birhtday, since that is coming up rather quickly as well!) What would you like to get for christmas?

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