Why I don’t use foundation

I have a confession to make: I don’t use any foundation! I only use a concealer. Some people are quite surprised when I tell them.. But this is why I don’t use foundation!

For years I havee used foundation. But truly, I never really found the correct shade for my pale skin. I usually just grab the lightest colour and am done with it. But it still was either too yellow or too light.. Not my colour at all!

Another thing I noticed was that using foundation really clogged up my pores, no matter how I tried to clean it up. Masks, toners, cleaners, I’ve tried it all! But it never really worked for me, to tell you the truth. My skin turned out to be really freaking sensitive and not liking this foundation thing at all! Everytime I used foundation, my skin just became red, puffy and I had pimples all over. I don’t think my skin was supposed to do that at all..

At one point I also tried to have some primer. But that really did not work for me either. It had the same effect on my skin combined with the foundation.. That really was too bad. I guess that was the end of the foundation journey for me.

But one thing had stuck with me.. Why had I used foundation for so long if it was only doing no-good for my skin? Well, society had made me think that I had to have perfect skin. That you couldn’t see a red spot on my face or any imperfection at all. But I came to the realisation that this is not true.. Pimples, redness and all those little imperfections make us human. They are imperfectly perfect, as I call them.

I began experimenting with concealers and that turned out great for me! Just concealing the worst spots on my face and the huge bags under my eyes. It made me look awake and fresh and more natural. I really preferred this look to the foundation look.

And this is basically why I don’t wear foundation! Do you wear foundation? Or not? Please let me know in the comments!

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  1. Nothing wrong with not wearing foundation. I’ve just recently gotten into makeup and I still find issues finding the right shade for my skin. And yes foundation can clog your pores. I hate the process of taking it all off lol.

  2. Recently I have been experimenting with many different brands of foundation and I agree, they are either too light, too dark or too yellow. Sometimes I think “Is there any foundation in this world that will match my skin?!”. I currently use the dream cushion from maybelline and found that it’s probably closest to my shade but with all this trialling of different foundations I noticed my skin doesn’t look and feel as good as it would naturally. I might do what you have been doing by just using concealer on areas needed. Thanks for sharing this post!

  3. I wear foundation, as my works required me to. However I will go out with naked skin during my rest day, to let my skin enjoy it’s off day too!

  4. I wish I was able not to wear any foundation but I’m not confident enough for this! I use light to medium coverage BB-creams though, just to even out my skin tone.
    You look amazing in this pic, as always!

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