Hi! Welcome to my personal style blog! I thought it would be fun to tell you a little something about myself, my blog and my style! I’m a 26 year old brunette from the Netherlands. Nice to meet you ~

My blog has been born in 2014, on WordPress. I loved wearing skirts, dresses and overall girly clothing, and I really wanted a platform to share my style. In 2015 I decided to purchase a .com domain to motivate myself, with the idea to

My style is best described as “Girly, cute, with a wink at the 50’s & 60’s”. My favorite items to wear are swing dresses, swing skirts, high waisted jeans, croptops heels and cute hair accesoires (In short: I don’t really have a favorite, but pretend I have one! Haha). My overall style inspiration is Sandy, from Grease. And then I mean the before version, instead of the after. I love to have a feminine and romantic feel to my outfits. My outfits certainly are retro & vintage inspired, I just don’t dress head-to-toe vintage, and like to mix it up a little. While I’m still looking for my style, it’s fun to share my journey with all of you! This blog will be a bit of a diary, and a bit of an outlet. My little corner of the internet, so to say!

I also find a lot of inspiration in other bloggers. I love going through my Bloglovin feed and looking at all the fabulous people and their gorgeous outfits. I’m always looking for more bloggers to follow!


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