Wild Child


I had my eye on this skirt for months already. It’s just so lovely! The black skirt¬†and the vibrant colors are just absolutely perfect. So I was very happy when I finally managed to get my hand on this beauty!

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Goals 2018


2018 has started already and I’ve completely forgotten to make a ‘goals 2018’ post! Oopsie.. Well I’ve been really busy. Anyway, it’s not too late yet.. Right? Here are my Goals for 2018!

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1st day of christmas


First of all: Merry Christmas to all of you! I know I am a day late, but this is literally the outfit that I wore on the first day of christmas! I love this velvet green dress from Dolly & Dotty. It was warm and comfortable! 

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Miss BlackWatch


My favorite Tartan is absolutely Tartan! So when I saw this hellbunny dress I went like ‘I totally need this in my closet’ and bought it without a second thought! Just look at it! It’s so perfect!

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