Milk Maid


I tried something new with my hair; MilkMaid Braids! They have been all over youtube lately and I thought they looked adorable and classy at the same time! So I decided to try them out. It turned out they matched perfectly with my new Hell Bunny Dress!

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Tulips from Holland


I always like it when dresses have bolder prints. When I saw this tulip covered dress I just fell in love. I’m a Dutch girl at heart after all! Only downside is that it doesn’t has any sleeves. Luckily I had the perfect vest to go with it!

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Pink heart


Slowly but surely the summer has gone away and made place for autumn. The days are getting shorter and it’s getting colder too. That means I will be busting out the sweaters and cardigans! 

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Red, White & Blue


I almost forgot to post this outfit that I wore on one of the rare sunny days we have here in the Netherlands. I almost go for my big sun hats when there is a lot of sun. Mainly because my skin burns quite easily and those hats are a perfect solution!

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Little Pastel Blue


Oh gosh.. I can’t even remember where I bought this dress, but it’s really cute! The side-zipper is the freaking devil, though… I can’t get it all the way up on my own. But I forgive it, because it’s so cute!

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